Breakbulk & Special Cargo

We at Houston Terminal, LLC know that not all cargo is the same. Some cargo can be moved in standard containers or bins but other cargo can be oversized or considered special cargo. Because this breakbulk cargo is usually transported in non-standard shipping containers such as crates, drums, or barrels, different transportation methods must be considered and different machinery is needed for loading and unloading.

With our readily available equipment, we can handle up to 80 US tons of cargo and with additional rental equipment (courtesy of Big John Cranes), we can lift up to 560 US tons. Even though shipping breakbulk cargo requires more resources, manpower, and coordination, we can assure you that Houston Terminal, LLC is well-equipped with the experience, expertise, and fleet necessary to deal with the logistics and manage your goods the right way. By partnering with Houston Terminal, LLC you can be sure your breakbulk cargo is met with professional, safe, and efficient handling.